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Papillion Lamp - Colonial
Papillion Lamp - Colonial
Papillion Lamp - Colonial

Papillion Lamp - Colonial


AD Colonial and Papillion Colonial is part of the new colonial lighting collection by Danish design brand 101 Copenhagen. The lamps are designed by Copenhagen based designers Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl, who found inspiration in Mathieu Matégots way of working with perforated sheets in soft and organic ways, as well as vintage style colonial furniture from the mid 20th century.

Papillion Colonial refers to the French word for butterflies “Papillion”, which poetically alludes the floating lampshades as the lamps focal point. Papillion is based on a simplified Art Deco chandelier structure, with 6 illuminating lampshades elegantly positioned in a lightweight metal construction, forming the outer shape of a hexagon. The French mesh lampshades illuminates the ceiling, while Indirect light filters through the rattan sheets, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere below. The 6 arms are mounted to a riffled center piece, adding a shimmering and reflective quality to the lamp. 

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl .

Does not comply with US Standards.

Light source: Socket: E14 - 230V 

Recommended: Light source: Tala Candle E14 LED Pære 4W

Suitable for rooms with a height of 230-320 cm.

Dimensions: Height 12 cm x Diameter 98,5 cm