Ghost Chandelier, Mini - Neon

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Drawing inspiration from minimalist art, the Ghost Chandelier seamlessly melds light with sculpture, embodying a graphic lighting aesthetic. The Ghost's defining feature is its radiant white acrylic tube, which flows in various directions, forging an ambient illumination reminiscent of organic patterns. Originating from a hand sketch, the design infuses spaces with an artistic and graphic ambiance. Its ever-evolving appearance captivates observers, morphing into diverse patterns and forms depending on one's vantage point. In any setting, Ghost asserts itself as a centrepiece. 

Available in two sizes, the Ghost Chandelier incorporates an inbuilt LED light. This series highlights the luminous white acrylic tube that encases a durable LED light source, boasting an impressive 25,000 hours of illumination at a warm Kelvin 2400. Shifting away from the starkness typically associated with neon, these innovative lamps exude a warmer, more inviting glow, setting the ambiance for a cozy and comforting atmosphere. Bronze metal accents provides a refined finish to its minimalist design. The handcrafted design of the Ghost Chandelier ensures that light distribution uniquely cascades along its curvaceous tubes. resulting in it to shine brighter in some part of its curved tube.    Suspended by four adjustable stainless-steel wires, the chandelier can be set to the perfect height for any room.

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.

View assembly guide here.

Product no: 233012

Colour / Material:
Bronze metal / White acrylic tubes

Light source:
Inbuilt LED light
LED bulbs cannot be changed or replaced
Burning hours: 25,000 hours

L116 / W62 / H38 CM
Product weight: 3,3 Kgs

Care instructions:
Use a soft dry cloth to clean the product.
Do not use household cleaners.