Big Foot Bench, Petit - Off White (CPH 900)

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The Big Foot Collection, a nod to the innovative spirit of 1970s futuristic design and the space age era, redefines seating with its array of benches and stools. Infused with the raw, unrefined charm of brutalist architecture and the finesse of contemporary sculpture, this collection stands out with its impactful design language. The Big Foot pieces, from the visionaries Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl, are more than just furniture—they are a harmonious blend of functional artistry and luxurious comfort. At the heart of each item in the collection are the cylindrical legs, which exude modern sophistication, making each piece a distinctive icon of style. Their unique charisma effortlessly distinguishes them, ensuring they are not just furniture, but conversation starters and statement pieces in any living space. The Big Foot Collection transcends the ordinary, offering unparalleled aesthetic appeal, practicality, and portability. It’s where visionary design meets meticulous craftsmanship. The range includes two exquisite upholstery options: the chic, tactile Off-White Bouclé and the warm, cozy Off-White Sheepskin. Each material choice enhances the seating experience, ensuring both comfort and style. Whether as a centerpiece in your living room or a unique addition to your space, the Big Foot Collection promises to exceed expectations, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.

Product no: 241052

Colour: Off-white
Material: Bouclé

Dimensions: L70 / W40/ H47 CM
Weight capacity: 150 Kgs
Product weight: 6,5 kgs

Care instructions: Use a clean, damp cloth to soak up the liquid. Do not scrub the cloth and grind the stain into the fabric this will damaging the surface of the fabric. For the best results gently dab and lift the stains. For slightly more stubborn stains and, a mild detergent can be used.