W Candle Holder - Black

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Inspired by brutalist architecture, the W Candle Holder is a captivating set of tilting columns that collide at sharp angles. This unique design draws upon the principles of brutalism, known for its raw, honest, and imposing aesthetic. By incorporating different mathematical angles, the point of collision between the columns is varied in height, resulting in a visually striking and dynamic composition. The W Candle Holder’s strong graphic expression is achieved through the juxtaposition of these angular elements. Each column, carefully crafted with precision, showcases a distinct angle that adds to the overall composition’s complexity. The interplay between the columns creates a sense of movement and tension, capturing the essence of brutalist architecture. With its sculptural form and attention to detail, the W Candle Holder stands as a testament to the marriage of artistic expression and mathematical precision. It serves as both a functional candle holder and a captivating piece of decor, making a bold statement in any interior space. Embodying the spirit of brutalism, this exceptional creation pushes the boundaries of design, evoking a sense of intrigue and admiration. 

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl. 

We do not recommend burning candles closer than 3 cm from the candleholder.

Product no: 233038

Colour: Black
Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: L20 / W15 / H24 CM
Product weight: 2 Kgs

Care instructions:
Use a soft cloth to clean the product.
Do not use household cleaners.
Not waterproof.